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Continued Need! Help Haiti Earthquake Victims!

FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, AND MEDICAL HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED! The catastrophic 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010—the strongest in over a century—caused an estimated 100,000 deaths, widespread destruction and panic.

front of LaHatte School
interior of LaHatte School

Urgent Need to Rebuild School Destroyed in Earthquake

The devastating earthquake that brought so much misery to Haiti on January 12, 2010, destroyed the Mission Possible school (pictured above) at LaHatte. A temporary bamboo structure was erected to finish out the year, but it is urgent that the building be rebuilt as soon as possible to serve its hundreds of students.

This excerpt from a report to the United States Senate shows how critical the need is:

“The earthquake destroyed an estimated 4,228 schools as well as the Ministry of Education building itself, leading to the deaths of around 38,000 students, 1,347 teachers, and 180 education personnel. One of the principal challenges in the education sector in Haiti is that 85% of the schools are private and unregulated, with little or no oversight by the government of Haiti. The vast majority of schools are ineffective, have no money to pay for teachers, few teaching materials and an unstructured curriculum. Approximately 80-90% of university facilities in Haiti were demolished by the earthquake. The lack of higher education, vocational, and professional training is a huge and widening gap for Haiti.”

Mission Possible reports, “Our schools are certified by the Haitian government and we are paying our teachers every month. Our vocational school is operating normally and we are on schedule to add additional programs this fall (nursing and cooking). Thank you for helping us continue our mission during difficult times.”

Feeding Hungry Children International partners with Mission Possible’s ministries in Haiti, helping fund an extensive children’s feeding program through 6 Christian schools at Port-au-Prince, Montrouis, Lanzac, Dupin, LaHatte, and Chardene Each day over 2,500 schoolchildren receive a nutritious meal that could not be provided by their parents.

That is why we want to help Mission Possible construct a new school to replace the one in LaHatte that was destroyed. Will you help? Your gift of any amount is greatly needed and will be deeply appreciated. You may give online or send a check to World-Wide Missions, PO Box 8338, Redlands, CA 92375. Write “Haiti School” on the memo line. Thank you for helping raise this Christian school from the rubble!

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